What others say on Uwe's artwork

Jim Sullos

President of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc.

"Your artwork is terrific!"

Thomas Yeates

Comic-book artist & Illustrator of „The Prince Valiant Sunday Page“

"Your Tarzan and the Golden Lion piece is terrific, as are the others in that gallery. There were a number I hadn't seen. Keep up the great work!"

Ron Ely

Author and Actor (Tarzan TV series 1966-1968, Doc Savage)

"Uwe's work is exceptional. I have had many portraits done by some well-respected artists. In fact, none of them approaches the excellence of Uwe's work. I am pleased that he chose me as a subject, but I am equally impressed with what I have thus far seen of his other work. This is an artist whose work is well worth owning."

Denny Miller (1934-2014)

Author and Actor (Tarzan the Ape Man, 1959; Wagon Train“ TV series)

"Uwe Reber is a very talented artist! His ability to capture a person's true identity is a special gift. Each of his subjects was amazing! We have the one Uwe did of me on display in our home.“

Brian Bohnett

Author of "The Remarkable Enid Markey, First Lady of the Tarzan Films" and „Tarzan - Big little Books“

"Uwe Reber has gained a true fan! I really enjoy his artwork!"

Mark Raats

Official Lucasfilm Artist (comments on one of Uwe's Star Wars drawings)

"Thats a magnificent piece of work my friend. Congratulations, you have done the legacy proud!!! BTW, the DAYS you would have spent on doing this must be incredible. Congrats again, its gorgeous."