What others say on Uwe's artwork

Thomas Yeates

Comic-book artist & Illustrator of „The Prince Valiant Sunday Page“

"Your Tarzan and the Golden Lion piece is terrific, as are the others in that gallery. There were a number I hadn't seen. Keep up the great work!"

Brian Bohnett

Author of "The Remarkable Enid Markey, First Lady of the Tarzan Films" and „Tarzan - Big little Books“

"Uwe Reber has gained a true fan! I really enjoy his artwork!"

Ron Ely

Author and Actor (Tarzan TV series 1966-1968, Doc Savage)

"Uwe's work is exceptional. I have had many portraits done by some well-respected artists. In fact, none of them approaches the excellence of Uwe's work. I am pleased that he chose me as a subject, but I am equally impressed with what I have thus far seen of his other work. This is an artist whose work is well worth owning."

Denny Miller (1934-2014)

Author and Actor (Tarzan the Ape Man, 1959; Wagon Train“ TV series)

"Uwe Reber is a very talented artist! His ability to capture a person's true identity is a special gift. Each of his subjects was amazing! We have the one Uwe did of me on display in our home.“