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New Sketchbook dedicated to Movie-Superheroes

The new sketchbook contains a collection of quick sketches as well as detailed drawings. With the first volume dedicated to Edgar Rice Burroughs related artwork, the now published second volume contains sketches and drawings of movie characters. To order a sketchbook please use the contact form. The Softcover-book is 8x11 in.(DIN A4), 20 pages in color. 15 Euro/ 16 USD plus shipping.
The sketches shown on the right are done on black paper - some of them are printed in the sketchbook.

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Batman sketch by Uwe Reber Batman sketch by Uwe Reber Wolverine sketch by Uwe Reber Superman sketch by Uwe Reber Superman sketch by Uwe Reber Rocketeer sketch by Uwe Reber

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Tribute to "Lucky Luke"
Lucky Luke tribute by Uwe Reber

Dr. Who

New artwork in the Art-Gallery "Star Wars"
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