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Portrait series by Uwe Reber

It started with a few portrait drawings of artists invited to the Lake Como Comic Art Festival in April 2018. Jim Lee, Eduardo Risso, Greg Capullo and Neal Adams signed their poertraits. Now there are many more to come because of a commission package for the most important Batman artists. This new reduced colored pencils on black paper style is so much fun that I decided to do a whole portrait series over the next years.
The sketches shown on the right are reproduced in black and white.

Neal Adams by Uwe Reber Frank Miller by Uwe Reber Jim Lee by Uwe Reber Greg Capullo by Uwe Reber Sergio Aragones by Uwe Reber Eduardo Risso by Uwe Reber

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Joe Kubert
Joe Kubert

Batman, after Jim Lee
Batman by Uwe Reber